Welcome to Apologue!

We're sure you have all sorts of questions... we'll answer a few here and you can use the CONTACT US FORM HERE if you're looking for more information!

What is Apologue?

  • [ap-uh-lawg] is a great word that no one seems to use anymore. TheJSG seems to enjoy using words we haven't heard before to name our worship events! The definition from Dictionary.com says Apologue is a didactic narrative; a moral fable; an allegory. We like to use the word parable.
  • We use story to tell our experience. Just like Jesus did. Just like the Bible does. Scripture is a collection of books, a library if you will, that tell us about humanity's experience with God. Through it we learn about the nature of God. Through it we learn about our condition. And through it we learn about God's plan to fix things. Using Jesus' example of teaching through story, we try to do the same thing at Apologue. Mostly through music and image and community. That leads us to the next question:

What can I expect if I show up to Apologue?

  • Lots of music. Maybe some talking.
  • Prayer, if you're looking for it, from one of the cool folks on our prayer team
  • A reminder of what God has done, is doing, and will do in the future.

Where is Apologue?

When is Apologue?

  • It's the 1st Friday of the month. Every month.

I really want to support Apologue. What can I do?

  • Great question. We love it when folks want to help. Here's what you can do: Show up. Tell your friends. Follow us on Facebook and tell your friends when you're going. Or, you can pick from the following list!
  • If you want to help produce Apologue, let us know via the CONTACT US FORM HERE
  • If you want to help fund Apologue, you can make a donation HERE
  • If you want to help lead worship as part of the band, let us know via the CONTACT US FORM HERE
  • If you want to hire the core worship band from Apologue for your church, youth group, worship event, or random backyard BBQ (food must be delicious) you can talk to us by using the CONTACT US FORM HERE