• What is a "worship plant"?

A worship plant is a newer term describing a place to worship that exists specifically to host worship events. The word plant is used to suggest that the group is intentionally placed and intending to see growth. Think of a 'church plant' - it's a start-up church whose goal is to grow and connect with the local community where they were 'planted.'  A worship plant is intentionally placed in an area where people can connect with the worship mission and, in the case of TheJSG, support the local church.

  • Do we exist yet?

Absolutely!  We incorporated in April of 2012. Do we have our own building? No, not yet. We're growing slowly as we raise money to buy a permanent space we can hold worship events while currently holding Apologue at Joseph's House on Water Street in Torrington. We are actively recording, consulting, worshiping, and developing our core team as we raise the $1.6M needed for our future home!  In the meantime, we'd appreciate your support and we'd invite you to check out Apologue the first Friday of every month (more information here). Until we have our own building we'll continue to rent out/borrow available space like we currently do with our studio.

  • How can I get involved?

Thanks for asking! The answer depends on how you want to be involved. If you want to stay informed as we grow and launch our different programs just follow us on Twitter: @JohnSamuelGroup and sign up for our newsletter

If you want to apply for one of the positions we'll be hiring for (Marketing, Administration, Grant Writing, Audio Engineer, Show Host, Production Assistant, Child Care, or Internships) OR if you are interested in connecting with us to talk about financing, advertising, underwriting, or funding, just send us a message!

  • What is an L3C company?

Basically an L3C is a low-profit, limited liability company. Think of it as a hybrid between an LLC and a non-profit group. The L3C is focused on our mission (the worship plant) while allowing for profit-sharing and investment in the supporting arm of our organization (the production). More information on the basic idea behind an L3C can be found here.