Our Core Values

  • Authenticity

We are: real, normal people with a vision. We are passionate about saying what we believe and believing what we say. We only market things we believe in. We only endorse people we believe in. We do our best to be up front and honest about what we do at home, in the studio, on the stage and in front of the camera.

We're not: a slick and polished outfit shining our exterior to make us look like something we're not. We don't want to pretend we're bigger or smarter than we actually are. We'd rather work hard to become bigger or smarter and help folks as we do it together.

  • Excellence

We are: passionate, motivated, and focused on doing everything we can at the highest level possible. If you measured every experience you encountered in a day on a scale from 1 to 10, you would find us working to be as close to the 10 as possible. Though we know we won't always be functioning at the highest level, we know we will constantly be measuring and reviewing what we do, doubling our efforts to move in that direction.

We're not: obsessed with perfection to the detriment of people. Everyone makes mistakes and we know that. We focus on excellence while remembering that getting there is a process and doesn't happen overnight.  

  • Flexibility

We are: incredibly flexible. It's what we do. Our space will be designed so we can produce totally different events from night to night. Our goal is to always be ready for the next new thing. We'll do our best to keep from getting 'trapped' or stuck in a mode that prevents us from responding to changes in our community or industry.

We're not: all about change for change's sake. We won't dramatically change a core value or focus just because we want to 'change it up.' If the vision requires an adjustment to stay relevant we'll always make that adjustment. If we wake up in a different mood than we were in yesterday, we won't be painting the walls purple just for fun.

  • Respect

We are: committed to respecting the traditions and views of the multiple people and organizations we interact with throughout the week. We know we all don't see the world through the same set of bifocals and we don't want to presume ultimate knowledge of all things. Even if we disagree with you or something you do, we promise to treat you and your organization with the same respect we'd hope to be treated with. We believe that people matter and everyone deserves the basic respect and dignity that should come with being born on this planet.

We're not: going to prevent ideas from being communicated when they're offered with a commitment to respect. We're not going to treat you differently just because we act, look, sound, or believe differently. You don't have to worry about us providing a platform for individuals or organizations that don't offer the same respect we expect from our staff and volunteers!

  • Growth

We are: always focused on growing. Our goal is to constantly be reaching new people and expanding the number of ways and opportunities we can connect with people. We're always looking for new markets and new opportunities to reach people, measuring them against our mission, evaluating if we should be the group that meets those needs.

We're not: the type of people that see success as staying the same size and reaching the same number of people each year. We didn't start TheJSG to stay small, remain local, or function as a marginal worship and production house. We won't find ourselves saying at some point in the future "I guess that's good enough!"