What's Our Mission?

The John Samuel Group exists to connect people with deep, authentic, organic, diverse, and life-changing worship through a local worship plant. Our production focus facilitates this communication by connecting us with new audiences and financially supporting the work of the worship plant.

By day we're a studio recording, web-tv creating, conference hosting, live performance facility.

By night we're a space changing, style shifting, real-life place to connect with a real-life God.

At TheJSG we believe that in Heaven all believers will come together to worship God. We also believe that we should be helping bring a bit of Heaven to Earth.  So TheJSG is in the business of bringing people together to worship, reaching above and beyond differences of style and form in a way that incorporates the whole of Judeo-Christian history.  We know that when people are well equipped to understand and experience authentic and wholistic worship, a bit more of Heaven gets brought to Earth, and the local church is renewed and encouraged.