TheJSG Staff


John Fiorello

John has a bachelor’s degree in music from Eastern University and a Master’s of Worship Studies degree from The Robert E. Webber Institute for Worship Studies. Before getting a formal education, John toured the country with Arc Productions based in Michigan. He has served on staff for 12 years at various churches as a worship leader and media and technology director and has worked extensively on sound, video, media and lighting installations. John continues to do consulting work for organizations looking to expand their media and production resources while investing most of his time here. He is a singer/songwriter, loves to play guitar, and is incredibly excited to see TheJSG finally become a reality.


Karie Fiorello

After receiving a bachelor’s degree in youth ministry from Eastern University in suburban Philadelphia, Karie Fiorello has served on staff in various churches for 12 years, planning and hosting conferences, retreats, mission trips, and group training, as well as all kinds of systems and events from small groups to capital campaigning. She’s passionate about worship (participating and helping others engage with God). Karie has planned and hosted many worship experiences, some considered out of the box, engaging the wider spectrum of Christian worship in both historical and relevant mediums. Also a mom of 2 beautiful daughters, Karie is gifted in organization and team building, executing ideas from vision to final product and bringing balance to the Fiorello relationship. :)


Joshua Grover

After graduating high school, Josh entered full time ministry touring the U.S. with Arc Productions where he shared the gospel with middle and high school students across most of the country. His two years experience with Arc played a big role in shaping his desire and passion for God, as well as demonstrating first hand how effective music and media can be used to communicate. Josh currently resides in northwest CT with his wife, Erin and their three beautiful daughters where he has continued to seek out opportunities to reach others for Christ in everyday life and through music and media production. The JSG Group provides just this opportunity in an area of the country that desperately needs to be reinvigorated and he's excited to be a part of the team!


Amanda Morse

Amanda is quirky, passionate, and a lover of Jesus. After High School she attended the Global School of Supernatural Ministry in Mechanicsburg, PA. From her 2 years of schooling and God encounters she has been equipping, renewing, and strengthening her relationship with God and those around her, and is excited for whatever the future will bring. Now living in her hometown of Torrington, CT she is off and running in this new season of life.


TheJSG Bloggers


Rev. Kim and Rev. Bryant Miller - Blufton, OH

Kim and Bryant Miller are collaborators on life and ministry. Married in 2006, they are both clergy in the United Methodist Church, both educated at Asbury Theological Seminary, and both devoted to a life in ministry spent side-by-side. Currently, they serve a local church in Northwest Ohio, have a two-year old named Max and a baby girl on the way. Their personalities are almost entirely opposite each other, which makes their conversations very interesting and their blogging collaborations a conglomeration of hard-line logic and flighty creativity. While the words on the page may be Kim's doing, the voice sitting across from her on the couch is weaved through each project.


Ashton Miller - Winona Lake, IN

"I am a no-longer-teenage twenty year old who is studying Youth Ministry and Counseling at Grace College and Theological Seminary. I write to process what I can't figure out, I ride my bike to feel like a butterfly, and I play guitar and sing to express what I can't say. I have a great passion for the poor, lonely, and oppressed. This is currently enunciated through a brand new local homeless ministry led by my best friend and I. In two years, my greatest dream is to move to France with my soonish-to-be husband, Travis. God has laid on my heart a burden for the French. My greatest hope for today is that God will use these words and thoughts to glorify Himself."


Travis Goodspeed - Dayton, OH

Travis Goodspeed is a Junior Religion major at Wright State University in Fairborn, OH. He has a passion to reach people through music. This passion was acted upon in 2007 when he joined the worship band at his home church. Travis is excited to a part of this online community and can't wait to share some of his thoughts, comments, and dreams about worship.


Pastor Randy Yewey - Cellina, OH

Randy Yewey is a 59-year-old born again Spirit filled believer. He lives in rural west-central Ohio with his wife of 35 years, his two daughters ages 34 and 31, and his three grandchildren 11, 4, and 2.

Cathy Fiorello - Torrington, CT


Cathy Fiorello is a worship leader at Bakerville United Methodist Church.  A published poet, she is currently working on a novel that incorporates some of her thoughts about worship. Cathy works as a marriage and family therapist when she isn’t writing or singing.  She has five grown children, five grandchildren and has been married to a wonderful man for over 30 years. 


Tesia Mallory - Dayton, OH

Tesia Mallory is the Worship Arts Director at Concord United Methodist Church in Englewood, OH. She is also the Chapel Coordinator at United Theological Seminary in Dayton, OH, where she is currently earning her Masters of Divinity. She hopes to be ordained as a Deacon in the U.M.C. one day and in her free time just likes to sing, play guitar, write music, and dream up elaborate plans on how to survive  if one day gravity decided to shift in the opposite direction.


Jimmy Mallory - Dayton, OH

Jimmy Mallory is a Religion major at Wright State University. He also serves as the youth director of Concord United Methodist Church and works at the Cokesbury Bookstore at United Theological Seminary. His goal is to one day become an ordained Deacon for the United Methodist Church and serve by teaching Church history and theology in a higher education setting. Jimmy is married to the breath-takingly gorgeous Tesia Mallory and they have a dog named Omega and a bird named Gloria. You can find more of his blogs at


Rev. Janice Tiedeck - Beckley, WV

Janice has just begun a new ministry as Pastor at Monaghan Presbyterian Church in Dillsburg. Prior to this move she was serving a church in Beckley WV. She has two beautiful daughters, Eleanor (Ella) and Lillian (Lily) and is married to Jay, the most talented and creative person she has ever met. Together they enjoy the outdoors and spending time together experiencing the creativity of God through the world around them.


Rick Granger - Kissimmee, FL

Travel writer, photographer, and artist Rick Granger has spent the last 12 years living as an expatriate making himself at home in the US, Southeast Asia, and the Caribbean.  With a BA in Youth Ministry, a Masters of Arts in Religion, and 15 years in church youth ministry he now makes himself at home in Florida where he’s finishing his second book and settling back into life in the United States. Visit Rick's travel blog and take a look at his books, “Why Travel When You Can Live There?  Thailand” and "Why Travel When You Can Live There? Hong Kong"


CJ Killmeyer - Millville, PA

CJ Killmeyer loves Jesus! He also loves his wife Kasey who he has been married to for 12 years,  his family that is mostly in Pittsburgh where he lived most of his life, and his few but close friends. He has two dogs, Kokomo and Roscoe and four cats Chippermonk, Malcom, Liberty, and Juniper. He is a music fanatic who enjoys all styles of music, but claims he is metal head at heart. He graduated from Pennsylvania College of Technology with a degree in Mass Media in 2009. He also enjoys food and photography, which the latter he hopes to start a career in. He is currently a cook at Applebees and just started his own Tastefully Simple business.  He is also a die hard Pittsburgh Steelers fan since it’s his hometown team and because they just rock.

TheJSG Support Team


Ruth Wagner - Torrington, CT

Former office manager and executive assistant at Sodexo Health Care. Business office associate at the Christian Counseling Connection. Grant writer. Board member of Quail Ministries, Inc., the organization that oversees the work of writer/performer Michael Kelly Blanchard. Ruth loves reading, nature photography and spending time with friends and family.


Dr. Paul Neeley - Dallas, TX

Ethnomusicologist. One of the founders of ethnodoxology as a field of study. Co-founder of the International council of Ethnodoxologists. Chair of the board of directors for Women Of Hope International. Wycliffe Bible Translator and professor at The Robert E. Webber Institute for Worship Studies.


Sandy Roberts - Torrington, CT

Former CEO and CFO of the Northwest CT YMCA, 2006 United Way Campaign Chairwoman, 2003 Paul Harris Fellow and Bakerville UMC Youth director. Sandy loves meeting the needs of young people and has extensive experience raising money for the United Way and The Warner Theater.


Rev. Kim Miller - Blufton, OH

Pastor and provisional Elder for the United Methodist Church. Undergrad in Journalism. Masters of Divinity from Asbury Theological Seminary.


Steve Canciani

Steve is currently a student at the University of Connecticut, double majoring in Psychology and Human Developmental Family Studies. Steve has been an active member of his church and community, and has preached on numerous occasions in his church and at other locations in the community. Looking towards the future Steve will most likely be heading to the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry. Steve has passion for God and and winning souls for Christ. He excited to serve TheJSG and has he hopes to someday travel the world with his own ministry, using the very resources of TheJSG to do it.