Recording at TheJSG

Who are we? We're a new, local, Torrington based production company!

What do we do? We're slowly building the production arm of TheJSG to support a worship plant.

How do we do it? Right now, we have a small studio that we use to record solo artists, podcasts, radio commercials, and small groups as we work to build our larger production facility. We're offering introductory rates to help introduce ourselves to the community starting as low as $25/hour!

What else? We also record 'on location' with our multi-channel recording rig that we bring back to the studio to mix and master. We can offer artwork, duplication, and distribution, each tailored to your specific needs.

What is is the perfect solution for schools, churches, garage bands, and anyone that doesn't have the upfront money it takes to record in a studio. For little to no money, you can have your music recorded, mixed, and mastered and then put on the web to sell to your friends and family. To find out more, fill out the form located here.

Where are we going? When we're done building, here's what you'll have access to: 

  • Recording studio - Local professional grade studio (not your friend's home studio) offering 64 to 128 track 48-96k digital recordings performed live, or tracked, in our live room or our multiple iso rooms. We will have the standard assortment of mics, pre-amps and analog gear you love while providing the best plug-ins and A-D/D-A converters in the area for instant recording and recall. We'll offer full band recording and individual instrument tracking to best suit your production needs.  
  • Broadcast studio - Live and dubbed video and audio podcasts will be filmed and exported to every major online media outlet (iTunes, Android Marketplace, Amazon, YouTube, etc). Multiple shows, from entertainment to education, will be broadcast live every day of the week to a live audience, both in the studio and online.
  • Live performance space - Live bands will perform from our main stage hosted by TheJSG and others. In addition to the bands we bring in to perform, this live space will also be available for rent for local event planners that need a one-time large gathering space. Our in-house production staff will also be available for event producers that want to take advantage of our top-level production staff.

We would love to introduce you to our engineer Tony and set up a time to talk about your project! Just send us a message using the form below.

Thanks for supporting local businesses and thanks for visiting TheJSG! 

-John, Karie, Josh, Amanda, Tony, Steve and TheJSG team


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Recording a podcast

Recording a podcast

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