What:  A worship event by TheJSG that will focus on the topic of cogitation (eg, pondering, ruminating, meditating, or processing) on scripture. We'll gather and talk a bit about cogitation in scripture, look at some passages and biblical writers engaged in the process, and then spend some time experiencing it. We'll have guided material you can use including a free book for everyone who RSVP's for the event by Richard Foster, The Celebration of Discipline.  After we spend some time practicing cogitation, we'll get back together in small groups, enjoy a picnic lunch, and talk about our individual experiences.

When: June 21st, 2014 from 10:00am - Noon

Where:  White Memorial Conservatory (click for a map) Meet at the Information Pavilion

What should I bring?: 

  • Picnic lunch for yourself
  • Blanket or chair (if you don't want to sit on the ground)
  • Bible
  • Watch
  • Pen and journal

Why:  Read more about TheJSG mission here

RSVP and let us know you'll be there!

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